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IDL Photo Contest with Foldscope

As part of the celebration of the international day of light (IDL) 2023 and celebration of the independence day of Madagascar, we launched a photo contest with Foldscope on June 8th, 2023. This activity is only targeting the students from the four high schools we visited during the VISION science outreach in 2022 to whom the foldscopes from the fundraising campaign were donated. It is a follow up of the last outreach we had where students are encouraged to explore once again the tiny world around us using foldscopes. There are two steps in the selection process. In the first step, students submit to us their favorite photo taken by a foldscope from their schools and we will ask volunteers from the microscopy and foldscope community to rate each of the photos. The photos which receive higher total marks will be selected to go the second step. In this step, the selected photos will be posted on ITATRA Facebook page and we will ask the public to choose the best three photos who will be the winners. This will be judged by which photos will receive more likes, love and wow reactions.

The timeline of the event is given below:

17.06.23 - 23.06.23: students are to submit to us their best photos

25.06.23 - 02.07.23: external reviewers are to rate the submitted photos

03.07.23 - 08.07.23: post and public vote on Facebook

09.07.23: announcement of the three winners on Facebook

To participate as an external reviewer of this event, please fill this Google form or write us an email at by June 18th, 2023 and we shall communicate more details in due time.

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