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We have surpassed our fundraising expectations! Thank you for your generous support..

In December 2023, ITATRA was selected as a beneficiary of the fundraising initiatives implemented by Ravinala Airports. For this campaign, a fundraising urn was placed at the international airport of Antananarivo in February and March to invite travellers to donate to ITATRA to support its educational and outreaches activities. To read more about the campaign, follow the link here.

We aimed to raise about 375 USD to help us conduct an event for the celebration of the international day of light (IDL). This event will showcase to the public target, mainly composed of high school students, about the importance of light in our daily life. At the end of the campaign, we raised more funds than anticipated. Using the same conversion of 1USD ~ 4500 MGA, we raised more than 427 USD.

We are grateful to anyone who contributed to this campaign and we will see you all at the IDL event that is coming up soon! We thank the Ravinala Airports as well for this initiative.

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