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As per the data obtained from 2006-2007 to 2016-2017 [1], the number of high school students majoring in physics, chemistry and mathematics (serie C) in Madagascar have dropped from 11% to 5% within 10 years while the number of students has doubled. The rate of high school students majoring in natural sciences (serie D) has remained the same within the same number of years. The admission rate to the final year (baccalaureat) has remained under 60%. Students do not see the applications and real use of what they have learned and scientific subjects are always seen as difficult in Madagascar. Further studies specializing in the field of optics are nonexistent. We aim to address this issue at ITATRA by providing materials for teaching scientific fields and training the teachers and conducting science outreaches.


ITATRA is a Malagasy word which means expansion. At ITATRA, we strongly believe that each Malagasy student deserves a better education, a teacher who is happy and passionate about his/her work and an enjoyable learning environment. Our vision is to “Seek for a better and equal education by providing up-to-date equipment and training to the Malagasy High School teachers”. This vision aligns with the 4th sustainable development goal (SDG) of the United Nations for quality education and the 5th SDG for reduced inequalities. We believe that reaching those goals will have a huge impact not only in facilitating the teaching but also in the development of the community itself.

ITATRA was founded in 2021 and was registered under the Malagasy constitution in June 2022. 



Our mission

“Seeking a better and equal education by providing up-to-date equipment and training to the High School teachers”

  • Educational materials for teaching science

  • Science outreach

  • Training for high school teachers

  • Research in education and pedagogy 

Types of intervention


  • Easy to use and up-to-date educational materials 

  • Affordable and open-source 

  • Interactive activities

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela.
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