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VISION 2023 Took Flight: A Science Adventure at Ivato Airport High School

We had a wonderful time at Ivato Airport High School for the VISION science outreach that took place last year on 18th and 19th of December 2023. The goal of the outreach has not changed and it was successfully reached. VISION aims to help the target students to “see and understand the world around us through a lens”. In total, we reached 970 high school students and formed 8 volunteers to join us in the journey. We have also established a new collaboration with MAYF, a local organisation working in the field of education in Madagascar, and MRC-LMB in Cambridge, United Kingdom during this VISION 2023. With these new collaborations, from now on, we will be able to provide a career and professional guidance to the high school students during our outreach activities and we will have more outreach materials. The feedback from the students, staff of the school and collaborators were overall positive.

The full report may now be found here.

We wish to acknowledge the generous donations from Prof Herbert Stafast to cover the cost of this VISION 2023, the collaboration with openUC2, Foldscope Instrument, MAYF, MRC-LMB, the high school of Ivato Airport and to anyone who supported us in different ways for the success of the event. The video on this post is from the students to each one of you saying: "Merci aux donateurs" or in English: "Thank you to the donors" for all the financial means, ideas, service, time and everything you have donated to ITATRA to make VISION 2023 a success.

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